5G Network: Why You Should Consider Yet Another Upgrade

So you’re still using a 4G network?

You might want to reconsider. The 5th generation of the mobile telecommunications standard is on its way, and it’s poised to offer faster speeds, lower latency rates, and better battery life. In this article we will explore why you should consider upgrading from your current phone plan to one that offers a 5g network connection!

5g network connection

  • Improved Speeds: One of the most noticeable benefits of upgrading to a phone plan with a connection that offers a fifth generation network is improved speeds. A typical download speed on an LTE network in 2019 is around 100 mbps, and can go as high as 150mbps or more depending on your location. However, when you move up to a plan that offers service over the latest mobile telecommunications standard, you can expect speeds of one gigabit per second. This is around ten times faster than the best numbers on an LTE network!
  • Lower Latency Rates: One problem with some cellular networks is latency rates – how long it takes data to travel from point A to point B. While a typical latency rate in 2019 is around 30 milliseconds, this number can be as low as 15-20 milliseconds on an LTE network. But with a fifth generation connection you will enjoy rates of just six or seven milliseconds – that’s nearly three times faster!
  • Better Battery Life: One final benefit to upgrading your mobile phone plan is that you will enjoy better battery life. As newer networks provide faster speeds, these connections also take less power to maintain and process data. This means that your phone’s battery will last longer on a charge than it would if you were using an older network!
  • There You Have It: In this article we have explored the benefits of upgrading to a plan with service over the latest mobile telecommunications standard – specifically the fifth generation. With improved speeds, lower latency rates, and increased battery life as well as many other benefits like reduced congestion or more reliable coverage in rural areas, there are plenty of reasons why everyone might want to upgrade their current phone plans for one that offers service up through at least version 14 of LTE!

To summarize, the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications standard will offer a number of benefits that make it worth upgrading from your current plan if you have not done so already. First, there are many factors to consider when choosing what type of phone and service plan is right for you – such as whether or not unlimited plans are important to you and how much data usage might affect this decision! See 5g cloud native