Types of Mobile Platforms and their Construction

Mobile platforms are used in a wide variety of industries. These include for examples, construction, transportation as well as the military. Mobile platforms can be broken down into two types: slow-moving and fast-moving. Slow moving mobile platforms are better suited to transporting cargo such as heavy equipment or machinery over long distances while fast moving ones are more suitable for work that requires quick transport and maneuverability.

Types of Mobile Platforms and their Construction 

In transportation, an example slow-moving platform is a train which can transport large amounts of cargo over long distances and other types of platforms include barges that carry goods on water as well as semi trucks with trailers.

The most commonly used types of slow-moving platforms are:

  • crawler cranes,
  • scissor lifts,
  • trains,
  • barges,
  • semi trucks with trailers. 

In the construction industry, for example, a mobile platform is typically needed to operate heavy equipment. One of the most common types of slow-moving platforms in this field are crawler cranes which have tracks that allow them to move over rough terrain without damaging it. These also work well with sensitive areas like airports and military bases because they can be used on uneven surfaces while not being too loud or large as traditional cranes would need to be.  

Fast moving platforms often seen in this industry are forklifts which have been around since the late 1800s but were refined by Toyota Motor Corporation to make them more fuel efficient and easier to use than their predecessors. These machines handle a variety of loads weighing between 0 pounds (16 oz) and 40,000 pounds (.88 tons). They’re able to move at speeds up to 20 miles per hour or 12 meters per second. Another type of platform in this field are pallet jacks which are often used as a “last mile” solution to handle smaller items that can’t be transported efficiently with other methods.

A good example of fast moving platforms often found in construction sites are scissor lifts.

They are especially useful when the space between two levels is narrow such as at stairwells where there’s only about four feet (122cm) worth of clearance from one side to another. Scissor lifts are also the most common type of mobile platform used in warehouses for inventory management.

Checking the technical condition of mobile platforms

The engineering condition of mobile platforms is inspected by the Office of Technical Inspection. The investigation is conducted to make sure that they are safe and as efficient as possible in order to meet all needs. The office conducts regular inspections to ensure the organization’s safety standards are being met.